Trinity maintains an extremely competitive, low tuition rate
and also accepts both Milwaukee (MPCP) and State (WPCP) choice applicants.

The table below reflects income thresholds for the ’22-’23 school year.

First, determine whether or not your family meets the income requirements for either choice program (if your family makes under the amount listed, you qualify):
Family Size MPCP* WPCP*
1 $38,640 $28,336
2 $52,260 $38,324
3 $65,880 $48,312
4 $79,500 $58,300
5 $93,120 $68,288
6 $106,740 $78,276
For each add’l member $13,620 $9,988

*If the student’s parents/legal guardians are married, their income is reduced by $7,000 when determining income eligibility for the program (i.e. married family income minus $7,000 is the amount married families compare to the table).

For additional information about income limits, see the 2022-23 Income Limits resource.

If your family qualifies, click here to begin the application process.
Once you have completed the online form, you must provide residency and income documentation directly to the school.

Parents or guardians enrolling students for the Choice program should direct any questions to Trinity Lutheran School at 262-242-2045 or

For acceptable residency documentation click here.

For acceptable income documentation you must provide: (a) provide social security numbers or taxpayer identification number and have the Department of Revenue determine whether the student is income eligible for the program; or (b) use the Department of Public Instruction’s income determination method by answering a series of income questions in the online parent application and providing paper income documentation to the school(s) during the open application period.

If your family does not qualify for choice, you may find our tuition rates here.

Once you have determined tuition, proceed to step 3!

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