Student Application
Teacher Recommendation


To build up student leaders that exhibit leadership, character, and the fruits of the spirit.

  • Make-up of the Student Council is as follows:
    • (1) Teacher Supervisor ex-officio
    • (1) Student Council President
    • (1) Student Council Treasurer
    • (1) Student Council Secretary
    • (2) 8th Grade Reps
    • (2) 7th Grade Reps
    • (2) 6th Grade Reps
    • (2) 5th Grade Reps
  • Application & Recommendation Process For Each Position
    • Applicants must meet academic eligibility requirements of 70% in the 5 core subjects (Theology, Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies)
    • Complete an application
    • Must ask 3 current teachers to complete the recommendation form that addresses some of the following topics and more.
        • Courage, honor, scholarship, service, school pride, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
    • Special Qualifications:
      • If running for Student Council President, Treasurer, or Secretary you must meet the above requirements and be a current 6th or 7th Grader.
    • Application Timeline:
      • Applications may be submitted from March 1st- April 3rd for the following school year’s student council
      • April 3rd- April 10th- School Team (Supervising Teacher, Principal, Pastor, Additional Teacher) will review applications and requirements and let students know who is eligible for election by April 30th.
      • April 10th- April 24th: Students running for Student Council President, Treasurer, or Secretary may campaign for their positions & during that time a scheduled assembly for a “platform press conference”/interview.
      • Elections will be held on the last Wednesday of April.
  • Election Process
    • For Student Council President,Treasurer, and Secretary (all 5-8th graders vote)
    • For the 2 homeroom reps- Each homeroom will vote for their representatives only
    • Winners will be announced at the end of the week assembly
  • Job Descriptions
    • Student Council President: Head of the student council, in charge of running the meetings with the supervising teacher, create 4 goals for the student council ( one per quarter)
    • Student Council Treasurer: Create, track, and keep the budget for the student council (includes spending, funds raised, or funds given)
    • Student Council Secretary: Keeps detailed notes and records from each meeting and shares them with each member of the council after each meeting. 
    • Homeroom Representatives: Work on tasks as assigned by the council, communicate with their homerooms about suggestions they have for the school as well as reporting to their homerooms about what the student council is working on.

Student Council School Responsibilities

* Final approval by applicable parties, principal, and supervising teacher

  • Friday Lunch Menu
  • Help Vote on Tournament Booklet Cover
  • Spirit Week Days & Posters
  • Promote all three charity drives
    • Posters, Ads, Videos
  • Chapel Offering Destination: All 4 Quarters
  • MC Duties at assemblies as assigned
  • Gala Volunteer Responsibilities
  • Removal Procedures
    • Extra-curricular activities are a valuable and enriching part of the educational experience at Trinity. However, scholastic achievement retains priority over any extra-curricular activity.  Students participating in extra-curricular activities must maintain minimum academic standards. The following academic standards have been established for those students participating in extra-curricular activities at Trinity: Students must maintain a C (70%) grade point average, with no failing grades, in the following core subjects: theology, science, social studies, math, and ELA.

Eligibility will be checked monthly, on the 15th of each month.  If a student does not meet these standards, he or she will be placed on academic probation, parents will be contacted about this probation via letter. To be removed from academic probation a student must raise their grades and complete an Academic Eligibility Form, found in the office. (Effort and Growth may be considered when approving eligibility.) The student will be ineligible to participate in student council until all requirements have been met. Any exceptions to the eligibility standard due to a student’s level of academic capability will be made only at the discretion of the teacher.

  • If a student receives a suspension that student will be removed from student council for the semester. If a student receives a second suspension they will be removed from student council for the year and lose the ability to apply for student council forever.