Trinity’s school covenant was developed by teachers, parents, and school leaders as a tool for accountability, a base for excellence and growth, and a means to speak with a unified voice. Each section works together with the others as we seek to serve our students and maintain a Christ-centered education. These covenant items are¬†foundational, in that, without them, a great school is not possible. They are also binding, in that, they are required for members of our community.

As a teacher/staff member/administrator at Trinity I WILL:

  • Strive to exhibit Christ in all I do

  • Pray for our students and their families

  • Integrate Christ into the culture of my classroom, activities, and programs

  • Be faithful in time, attendance, punctuality, and preparation

  • Ensure a safe and engaging environment for my students

  • Be in regular attendance for worship and Bible study

  • Regularly communicate with my peers and parents

  • Be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • Commit to collaboration, professional development, and growth

  • Believe in the success of every student

As a student at Trinity I WILL:

  • Strive to exhibit Christ in all I do (treat all with respect)
  • Come to school prepared
  • Be a problem-solver and solution-seeker; take ownership
  • Follow all classroom and school rules
  • Believe in the success of all students (myself included)

With the help of God, I promise to uphold this covenant in order to maintain my status at Trinity Lutheran School of Freistadt.

As a parent/guardian of a Trinity student I WILL:

  • Support the Biblical truths and teachings of Trinity Freistadt
  • Be informed of classroom, school, and student activities
  • Adhere to the Parent Handbook policies (absences, dress code, etc)
  • Provide a quiet place in my home where my child can read, learn, and complete work
  • Ensure adequate rest, bedtimes, nutrition, and proper hygiene for my child(ren)
  • Ensure that my child(ren) is(are) on time and prepared for school before 7:45am
  • Believe in the success of my child(ren)