In partnership with Anthem, Trinity is proud to have the Green Bronx Machine (GBM) as part of our curriculum! Launched at Trinity in the fall of 2019, GBM is a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to helping students live happier and healthier lives. GBM founder Stephen Ritz (South Bronx, NY) built this program on the belief that healthy students drive healthy schools, which in turn drives healthy communities. Highlighted by the construction and use of Juice+ Hydroponic Tower Gardens, the GBM curriculum works to educate students on the importance of proper nutrition. Stephen developed this fully integrated core curriculum that teaches students how to physically grow, eat and love their vegetables while also learning about math, science, and English in a fresh and engaging way. GBM walks students through planting seeds, maintaining growth, and finally harvesting (and eating) their own vegetables! Trinity is proud to be the first school in Wisconsin to have this program!