Employment Opportunities

3K / 4K Teacher
Trinity Freistadt is now hiring a highly qualified individual to fill the role of the lead teacher in K3/K4 combined classroom. This is a full-time position and can begin immediately. Trinity is looking for someone who displays their love of Jesus through actions and believes in the power of relationships with students. They should be able to effectively communicate, possess a growth mindset and the drive to constantly improve, as well as a passion for learning and educating children. This classroom also has a full-time aid to assist in classroom management and instruction. Click here for a full job description; a resume and at least three (3) professional references should be sent to jobs@trinityfreistadt.com.

Our school building is buzzing again with kids and activities, and as a five-star school, we work very hard to maintain a clean, healthy and safe facility. With our enrollment on the rise, so is our increasing demand during the day to keep things squeaky clean. With new measures for sanitation and disinfecting, additional help is needed. This position entails light janitorial duties and assisting on special projects like set-up or special events. This is a part-time position, around 20 hours per week, with flexible hours during the school day. If you are interested, please contact the school office, or email the Director of Facilities and Grounds, Chris Kapitanski at ckapitanski@trinityfreistadt.com.