Our first and foremost core value: Christ-Centered. A Christ-centered curriculum means Trinity teachers put Jesus first in the hearts of our students and above any worldly “truth” that departs from the Bible’s teachings.


Trinity adheres to Wisconsin State Standards and is informed by other standards (both state and national) depending on the subject or topic. Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive education with a foundation of Biblical truth.


Over the last year, Trinity has developed a Curriculum Review Cycle (CRC) that examines our content based on five (5) key indicators: 1) strength of content; 2) articulation; 3) quality of learning experiences; 4) assessment; and 5) alignment. The full CRC file will be available on our website by the start of the ‘19-’20 school year.


As part of an individualized education, Trinity tests students multiple times each year using our subscription to Renaissance Learning Star Testing; this helps us to identify specific areas for student improvement, meeting each student where they are. Teachers use this assessment tool 3-6 times per year, allowing us to deliver the most individualized education possible. Additionally, all students take the state Forward exam in an effort to hold ourselves accountable to state standards and to remain competitive in our area.


Trinity teachers are held to the highest pedagogical standards. To maintain our high expectations, teachers are regularly observed, coached, and supported. School leaders perform daily walk-throughs to ensure school culture maintains the standard of JOY throughout our building.


Trinity is accredited through National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA).

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